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“ஐம்பெரும் குற்றங்களுள் ஒன்று இளமையில் கல்லாமை”

This Tamil saying stresses the importance of education by considering not getting an education while young, as one of five major sins. Though education is a continuous process, the foundations have to be laid while young, for only then, the later years can be productive and useful.

The medical profession is considered noble as it relieves pain, heals, restores health and sometimes even brings a person back to life and paramedics are part of the health care delivery team. Therefore, students enrolled in the paramedical courses should prepare themselves for their future roles by devoting their time and energy during the studying years to gain knowledge in their respective fields and not get distracted by the various forms of entertainment and infotainment that has been made possible by advances in technology.

Dr.Kamakshi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research makes continuous efforts to improve the resources and facilities available to students, but these can be put to good use, only with the most important resource that students have their time. Nature, in a very non-discriminating manner has given each one of us 24 hours a day and like most precious resources like air, water etc, which are free, time too, is not utilized with the respect it deserves; we find ways and means of spending it, rather than utilizing it.

Time also teaches us a precious lesson about patience, it does not abandon us for not being utilized properly, but instead, waits patiently for that happy moment of recognition and the sooner each one of us recognizes it's value, the better it will be for humanity and life in general.